The TranscribeRight Daisy Scholarship

As part of giving back and creating opportunities for others, Sonya and I have created the Daisy Scholarship. This is an annual scholarship, awarded yearly on 1st of December.

The Gift of Learning…

The recipient will receive a foot pedal, headphones and free access to the TranscribeRight learning modules and, upon completion of the course, a one-month “internship” being mentored by us at Top Team Transcripts. The aim of this scholarship is to give the recipient the necessary training and skills to become a home-based transcriber.

The scholarship is open to all, the only criteria are: that you have the necessary typing skills; are committed to finishing the course and working hard (otherwise someone else is deprived of the opportunity), and have the passion and drive to work for yourself as a transcriber. Applications are open from 1st October through to 1st November every year.

Applications open 1st October through to 1st November annually. Please fill out the form below with your submission:

The Daisy Scholarship… How It Came To Be

We were inspired by our two mothers who are sadly no longer with us. They helped make us who we are today with their kindness, generosity and inspiration. We hope that by offering this scholarship we too can help change someone’s life, as well as have a lasting memorial to two extraordinary women. The name Daisy was chosen because both Mums had “Margaret” as their middle name. Margaret means Daisy. The daisy flower often symbolises cheerfulness, sincerity, childhood and mother love…

About Claire’s Mother

My mother, Rita Margaret, qualified as a junior school teacher after I started school. She worked up until retirement and her passion was teaching children to read. She spent many hours of her own time after school helping children who were struggling. She loved her family dearly and could never do enough for us. She could turn her hand to pretty much anything and was a great cook, knitter and dressmaker. She had a wicked sense of humour and a naughty laugh. She was always there if you needed her, and always had the right words when things went wrong. I miss her still and am proud that we have this lasting memorial to two wonderful women.

About Sonya’s Mother

My mother, Patricia Margaret, was born with a rare facial haemangioma condition that affected the right side of her face. Despite this very visible deformity, she was an active and involved parent who encouraged her children to explore and participate in the world around them. Her personality was gentle, caring, and extremely inquisitive, and she attracted gentle like-minded souls to her like moths to a flame. Patricia was a gifted artist, a keen gardener, and an adventurous cook, who introduce me to the joyful potential that exists in a piece of clay, the wonder of what waits patiently to be discovered hidden in the expanse of a blank canvas, and the delight of growing and cooking my own food. My mother taught me strength in adversity and compassion for the hidden stories of others. I remember her soft, loving touch, her beautiful hands. It gives me great joy to be able to share these memories of her with you and to honour the memory of these two precious Mums through our Daisy Scholarship.

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