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If I complete the course am I guaranteed work?

By completing this course you will have experienced most examples of what you are likely to come across in general transcription. We have created audio files that reflect the styles and types of audio that we have experienced personally over our years in the industry. You will be in a position to apply to transcription companies as a subcontractor and also advertise for your own clients. This course is designed to show you how to work from home. This means being your own boss, finding your own work with the skills you have learned. Few courses of any kind can guarantee work upon completion. However, if you have the drive and put in the hard yards to learn everything in this course, there should be no reason why you can’t earn money as a transcriber.

It seems expensive.

When an apprentice starts work he/she has to invest in the tools of the trade and know that they have lots to learn. Transcription is no exception. Just because you can type doesn’t mean you have the skills to become a transcriber. Apart from being able to type, you need to train your ears to hear when people are overtalking. There could be background noise. How do you set up Style Guides and Templates, Glossaries? Beginners Module 1 is excellent value for money. It contains 8 lessons, with 195 minutes of practice audio and Answer Keys to compare your work against, and Sonya and I are to hand if you need any explanations.

By the end of Intermediate Module 2, you will have transcribed 263 minutes of two voice interviews and strengthened the skills gained in Module 1.

Our Advanced Module 3 has multi-voice interviews, focus group style audio, accents, and verbatim audio files to transcribe. Some other online training courses might appear cheaper, as they offer many small bites of the apple, but if you start to add it all together and look at what you’re actually getting for that $15 “lesson”, it’s actually not value for money at all. Plus we are offering lifetime access to the course so that you can come back and refresh your memory as your business grows.

Is there really work out there?

There are simply not enough experienced transcribers to meet demand. The main difficulty facing transcription companies is finding transcribers who can follow instructions, produce high quality, accurate transcripts which require little or no editing and who can transcribe files with background noise, accents, and anything that comes their way – which takes skill. People gaining access to the internet is growing exponentially. More companies are outsourcing work. There is no better time to get into any online business.

Why should I pick your course?

Because Sonya and I have been working in this industry for a combined 30 years. We have had our own independent businesses, worked as subcontractors, then editors and run software systems for large transcription companies allocating work to typists and dealing with clients. We know exactly what large transcription companies are looking for. We now work together as partners running Top Team Transcripts, our own bespoke transcription company. This course is the culmination of over 18 months of content writing that covers everything we have ever come across over our careers that we want to share with you.

We have over 16 hours of audio that has been specifically designed and produced by us, tailor-made to reflect everything we have come across over our time in the industry: good audio quality, poor audio quality, accents, telephone and Skype interviews, videos, interpreter-led interviews, multi-voice and focus groups. We are passionate about what we do and we want our students to have access to everything we can offer them.

Can I do your course if I live in America or the UK?

Yes! Sonya lived and worked in the US, and Claire is originally from the UK. Not only will our course be much cheaper given the exchange rate, but we also have pieces in various lessons that cover situations in both the US and UK.

Is transcription just for women?

Not at all. We have two men on our team who are fantastic. We also have a third who is working through the course, wanting to add to his skills as a captioner so that he can start his own business. Transcribing embraces any gender from anywhere in the world.

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