Module 2


Intermediate Module 2 builds on the skills learned in the Beginners Module 1. The intermediate Module 2 has 263 minutes of audio with Answer Keys.

Now that you have solid foundations in place from completing the Beginners Module, we can start to build your skills, increasing the number of voices and using longer audio files to practice on. This module covers Q&A templates, language settings in Word, notating overtalk and trailed off sentences and how to deal with listening responses. You will get a chance to flex your Google-fu from Module 1 and add Google Maps and Whereis to your tool-box.

You are working towards being your own boss. You need to learn how to deal with procrastination and being self-sufficient. You need to think about your professional persona, brand and logo. We will show you how to register a domain name and create an email signature and business cards. You will learn about basic book-keeping, maintaining business records and invoicing using our template.

We will show you the tricks of the trade like using two monitors, having a travelling office kit so that you can work anywhere at a moment’s notice.

The Intermediate module comprises of 7 lessons. These are just some of the topics covered in this module:

  • Introduction to two voice interviews
  • Dealing with speech mannerisms
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Glossaries
  • Dealing with swear words
  • Unconfirmed name spellings
  • Advanced Find and Replace
  • Redacted names
  • Unclear audio
  • How to transcribe a video file
  • How to transcribe a Skype-recorded interview
  • Introduction to a three-person interview for Advanced
  • Health and wellness
  • Topic-specific language
  • An introduction to verbatim files

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