Become a Transcriber And Enjoy The Freedom and Flexibility That You’ve Always Wanted

Transform Your English And Typing Skills into a Career in Transcribing

Learn how you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that you’ve always wanted

Why Become a Transcriber?

Transcription work fits with every lifestyle or situation for flexibility and freedom

If flexible working appeals to you then look no further than a career as a Transcriber. Transcription jobs are perfect for those who’ve always loved the idea of working anywhere in the world. Alternatively, if you’re a caretaker or have a child at home, transcribing can be a great source of income. 

What’s more, transcription is the perfect career for anyone with a love of language and you’ll have the joy of working with interesting and varied clients every day. 

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Why Become a Transcriber?

Transcription Jobs Fit With with Almost Every Lifestyle or Life Situation for Short- and Long-Term Freedom


Student Life. Finding Your Way.

Juggling homework, courses, and exams are never easy. A transcription job from home sure beats getting shift work at a cafe or bar that you have to schedule around because of conflicts with your studies.

Parent or Caregiver at Home.

Be there for your loved ones with a transcription job from home. Do work in between spending time with your kids and never have to miss another precious event again.

Entrepreneur and Business Owner.

Be able to subcontract, set your days and hours and even build a team if you wish. If it’s a side job, take on work in between tasks and meetings with clients and prospects.

Retired but… Still Want Something More!

Done working full-time for somebody else, but not done working. Do the things you want in life like travel and outdoor activities and work a transcription job when you want to get that extra income.

Endless Possibilities at Your Fingertips

Our mission at TranscribeRight is to provide a truly comprehensive transcription course drawn from our combined 30 years’ experience in the industry. Our focus is on empowering those who want more freedom and autonomy over their work/life balance by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve this.

Get Started Becoming a Transcriber Today

And The More You Do, The More Opportunities Will Come


Beginners Module 1

Get started in your transcription career by jumping into the Beginner’s Module.

(8 Lessons)

What You Will Be Able To Do:

Take on single-voice dictation projects with clear dictations and the introduction of US accents.


Intermediate Module 2

Build on the skills learned in Module 1 and be introduced to two-voice audio.

(7 Lessons)

What You Will Be Able To Do:

You will be ready to tackle harder accents and multi-voice audio projects.


Advanced Module 3

Delve deep into the life of a professional transcriber.

(10 Lessons)

What You Will Be Able To Do:

The ability to tackle any and all audio projects that come your way!

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About The Founders

Claire Hone and Sonya Rawling have a combined 30 years’ experience in this transcribing industry from running their own businesses, managing systems for large transcription companies, allocating work to typists, editing, dealing with clients and working with a hand-picked team of amazing transcribers at the top of their game. Claire and Sonya founded TranscribeRight to share their vision and dreams and help those wanting to learn how to start work as a home-based transcriber.

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