Interesting read. I’ve been retired for two years. I’ve done some travelling around to see a few things on my bucket-list, but now feel I want to do something part-time to earn a bit of extra money for more adventures. I came across this book looking for ways to earn money at home. Having read through it I realised this could be something I could do with some training. I had never really heard of transcription, but thought that it was worth $10 to have a read, especially as there was a free gift. I found the stories really interesting and Claire and Sonya obviously have a great deal of experience. I really liked how the book was presented and it’s very readable. There was a lot of information to get you started and lots of answers to questions. I haven’t tried the audio files yet. I’ve ordered some pedals and once they arrive I’m going to try the free Beginners’ lesson and then have a go at the audio in the book. Well, worth the money.