I just wanted to say thank you for this course. It took me longer than usual to complete as I had a fair few personal things happen all at once…the flexibility of the course helped me to wait and complete it at a time when I could give it my all. I have learnt so much from this course and cannot wait to implement it in my career.  I think a lot of people doing or looking to do transcription would greatly benefit from this course.

Lilith B

The Intermediate lessons really stepped up the homework in the most wonderful and painful way. It initially hurt to do, and made me wonder how badly I could transcribe those hard two person recordings, but as the lessons progressed so did my skill level, speed and confidence. The bonus with the Intermediate lessons are all the non-transcribing business topics that while geared to transcription are good for any business. Thank you. I am looking forward to the Advanced lessons.

Anna A

Thank you for all the lovely detailed gems in these lessons. There is enough detail and examples to really get the idea across without having too much detail that would be boring. Also, THANK YOU for making me build my own style guide, this is playing into my learning mode nicely.

Johanna SAdministrator

A lovely thing about lesson 1 was not only learning basics in preparation for transcription but getting the unexpected bonus of learning a bit about cheese. Personally, I think this may be the best side feature of this profession, learning more about the topics you get to transcribe.

Paula WMother

I do want to mention what a beautiful, relaxing, inviting book it is with the art! I loved the book. I think it’s a great resource for beginners, and I certainly wish I could have stumbled on something like this as I was just getting my feet wet. As it stands now, there were great reminders, tips and resources for the more experienced transcriptionist, as well.

Jennifer VEast Texas, USA

Transcription. Your Life. Your Rules. [This eBook] offers amazing insight into the life of a Transcriptionist. Hone and Rawlings give real life examples, including some of their own, on how everyday people work as Transcriptionists from home and whilst travelling. These real-life stories show how working as a Transcriptionist allows you to have a flexible work-life balance and how to break away from the normal nine to five job. The book tells you what equipment you need to get set up, what skills are required to be successful, and teaches you how to get set up with new clients. Best of all, you can test out your skills with a variation of transcription tests (single speaker, multi-speaker, noisy backgrounds, etc) which are provided at the end of the book. I highly recommend this book as it gives you a great feel for what to expect if you are considering entering a career in transcription. Great, easy-to-read text and beautiful pictures are present throughout the book. Two thumbs up!

Maggie G

Sonya and Claire have accurately captured in their eBook, the flexibility and incredible benefits of working as a transcriber. This is a very helpful read which would benefit anyone who is curious to know more about getting involved in transcription to be able to generate extra income. The content is informative and engaging and is a great first place to stop and get a feel for what working as a transcriber is all about.

Karen CPerth, Western Australia

This a fantastic read if you are looking into starting a career as a transcriptionist. It is very informative and contains real people’s stories on how they juggle work and their personal life to create a perfect balance. I found it very encouraging and feel confident that being a transcriptionist, I can still spend quality time with my family, as well as making some money, on my own terms. As the title says, your life, your rules. Well written and a great read!

Justine AJMA Virtual Services

Empowering and hope-giving, Claire and Sonya’s expertise, empathy and personable approach has inspired me to carve a new path. The dialogue cut through my daily ponderings and helped me find a positive inner voice. I’ve felt trapped in jobs, spent chunks of time dwelling on my wellbeing and lifestyle. Each chapter echoed my thoughts and desire for freedom and independence. Genuine heartfelt success stories added a relatable human understanding to what is possible. The warm conversational tone spoke naturally at my level in a down to earth easy to follow language. It broke down my questions, clarified my doubts and motivated my aspirations to transition into the world of transcription. With supportive and friendly practical advice, I found myself picturing a new life which now seems within arm’s reach. It has sparked a passion to pursue a flexible career from home and on the road, coupled with an industry which promotes communication, inclusion and accessibility. Let its pages resonate the voice within you.

Daryl BMelbourne, Victoria

Interesting read. I’ve been retired for two years. I’ve done some travelling around to see a few things on my bucket-list, but now feel I want to do something part-time to earn a bit of extra money for more adventures. I came across this book looking for ways to earn money at home. Having read through it I realised this could be something I could do with some training. I had never really heard of transcription, but thought that it was worth $10 to have a read, especially as there was a free gift. I found the stories really interesting and Claire and Sonya obviously have a great deal of experience. I really liked how the book was presented and it’s very readable. There was a lot of information to get you started and lots of answers to questions. I haven’t tried the audio files yet. I’ve ordered some pedals and once they arrive I’m going to try the free Beginners’ lesson and then have a go at the audio in the book. Well, worth the money.

Elizabeth SSomers, Victoria